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Get your Dutch simcard from KPN SIMYO pay € 5,00 and get € 12,50 balance.


Free internet and phone balance worth € 7,50

Just buy the SIMYO simcard for € 5,00. You will start then with a balance of € 7,50. And if you did start from the link below, you will get an additional € 5,00 balance for free. Your total balance will be € 12,50.


Dutch website

I apologize that the SIMYO website is in Dutch language. They also only accept payments from Dutch IBAN bankaccounts. The language on your phone however can be choosen to be in English. Simyo is the cheap provider of KPN. You will use the high quality KPN network for the lowest price.


simyo vriendendeal


No contract

Simyo prepaid means that you can phone using your prepaid balance. There is no contract. Later on you can add extra balance from your dutch bankaccount.Or you can throw away your simcard and buy a new one using the discount-link hereunder.


No final date.

The SIMYO prepaid card has unlimited age. Unlike Lebara and other providers it will not be terminated after one year.



This means that you can keep your old Dutch number on this new simcard.


Order now and click on this link

Tomorrow or the day after you will find the card in your letterbox.